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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Online Game - Day 2

At LONG last, day 1 has come to a close, and the dawn of a new day has begun.

For the most part, the evening ended quietly.  The Witch-King and Druid collaborated to guarantee safe exit from the Flying Dragons that surprised them in the Cliff.  At the Inn, there was some stirring and a fiery blast lighting up some tables, but in the end, only a newly hired Rogue bit the dust.


As this was a VERY long first day, I'm going to establish some rules.  I believe BIRDSONG worked out just fine with people logging in, but I would ask that everyone uncheck their "Daily Combat" option if they aren't planning on casting spells or trading during the evening.  Likewise, "Daily Trades" should be off unless you have plans to trade.  That should at least eliminate the waiting for easily ended combats!

For the larger combats involving 2 or more characters, I'm going to institute a 2-day rule where each involved player must give me details for their behavior during combat, so that I can run it quickly, and get to the resolution quicker.  We can do a round at a time, or you can provide an action tree of how you want to proceed based on what occurs.  If everyone in combat agrees to be online at the same time, that's different, but you'll have to let me know that you are doing that.

Anyway, if you haven't all lost interest by now, on to day 2!!  Everyone is up for recording.

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