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Saturday, March 14, 2015

RealmSpeak Source Code is on GitHub

I've copied all the RealmSpeak source code to GitHub.  The link you need is here:

Let me know if you have trouble seeing this link, or getting stuff to download from there.

Look in the Documents subfolder for instructions I wrote years ago about getting it all to build through "ant".  Once you have ant and a java JDK installed, it's a simple two commands to get the RealmSpeakFull.jar.  Then you just click run.bat, and you are off and running.  Not a good way to modify RealmSpeak, but a great way to get the final product when you are done debugging.

I use Eclipse IDE to do all my editing/debugging/compiling, but feel free to use whatever Java IDE you prefer.

To understand all the dependencies, take a look at the project-list.xml:

Scroll to the very bottom, and note the project "RealmSpeakFull".  This is RealmSpeak in all it's glory!  You should be able to work backward from that to figure out how to setup projects in your favorite IDE.

Last note:  keep in mind that this was my first major project in Java.  Some parts of the code are "newbie programmer", and other parts are more sophisticated.  I hope that you understand that before you start cursing my name.  :-)

Feel free to ask me questions as they come up, or if you get totally stuck.  I might be able to save you a couple hours of frustration.  If you are interested in doing real work on RealmSpeak, let me know by either sending me a new build of the application with your changes, or a description of what you want to work on, and I'll add you as a collaborator. 

I've never done an open source project before, so if you see anything that would help make this more accessible, or anything obvious dumb about how I put it on GitHub, please let me know!

Hmm, anything else.....  I guess that's good for now.  If you want to advertise the source code, feel free.

Thanks everyone for years of support!  I'm interested to see where this goes...  Realm on!  :-)