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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Version Released

Mostly fixes to expansion features. Here's what's new:

  • Added a "flies" notation to the remodeled/Frenzel chits (helpful with expansion monsters and natives)

  • Search hint for "Peer Neighborhood Clearing" no longer shows current clearing hints

  • Holy Relic will work to prevent undead from generating at the Tomb now
  • Removed Stink W from carnoplants summon box (didn't like that these could appear at the L Fire)
  • Added the "flying" attribute to some monsters that were missed:
    • T Harpy
    • H Harpies
    • Wasp Queen
    • Wasps
    • The Fairy from the Fairy Ring treasure
    • Dragon Men (yes, flying natives!) - makes for some interesting hirelings that can carry you around...

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Version Released

Some bug fixes, some expansion game changes, and a couple neat new features. Wanted to get this out before my next online game so that it is ready to go. My favorite new feature is the search table hint system.

Sometimes when I'm playing with someone new, I get the question: "Which search table do I use to search for the path?". If you are a veteran realmer, the answer is obvious, but even though there is descriptive text on each button, it's still an issue. Oh, this is especially true with the expansion games, because there are a lot of new pieces, and it isn't always clear which table does what.

Now, when you are presented with your choices of search, you will also see what applies in your current clearing. For example:

You can quickly tell, for example, which button to press to search for the hidden path, and which to search for the Status. Also, the "hints" only show things you haven't yet discovered, so you will be less likely to click the wrong button when searching for a secret passage versus a hidden path.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • Hint system for search table buttons
    • Peer: shows icons for hidden paths you need to find
    • Locate: shows icons for secret passages, treasure locations, and other chits you need to find
    • Magic Sight: shows all the chits you need to find, or can loot
    • Other search actions (Read Runes, Capture, Open Vault, etc): identifies the game piece being acted on

  • Moved all game play menu options into a single dialog called "Options..." under the File menu (there were just too many, and I found it confusing)

  • Fixed another problem with the map rating system, that sometimes caused primary dwellings (Inn, Chapel, Guard, House) to be placed in unreachable clearings.
  • Fixed a bug with the GM tool that would crash when Wasps were on the board
  • [1743] - Added code to catch and report an error when custom character files cannot be unzipped.

  • Expansion spell "Heal" now allows you to target up to four chits, instead of only one.
  • Presence of Holy Relic will stop Bones X from summoning undead.
  • Changed the name of the treasure location "Labyrinth" to the "Maze" (because it fits better on the chit!)
  • Changed the name of "Labyrinth Map" treasure to "Map of the Maze".
  • No longer able to "Run Away" from the Maze until you've discovered it.
  • Moved the Murkers to Monster Die "5"