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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Version Released

Been fixing lots of bugs lately, some old some new. Here's what's new:

  • [1216] - New option in "Other House Rules" to turn Day-End trades ON by default for all new characters.
  • [1710] - New option in "Robin's House Rules" to allow you to gain special rewards past level 4 when you level-up during the game.
  • [1703] - Battle Builder will allow you to cast Permanent Spells now, so you can simulate scenarios where (for example) you have already absorbed a T Troll.

  • Fixed a problem with Transform that could lead to an infinite loop that would freeze the game.
  • [1216] - Trade button removed from combat window, as trading isn't allowed during combat.
  • [1710] - Leveling up in development works again. (broken since
  • [1709] - "Rehire" is no longer an option with permanent companions.
  • [1708] - Blank chat line no longer messes up chat display on map
  • [1406] - Fixed a bug in the character builder, that would allow you to create a die roll modifier that didn't work.
  • [881] - Fixed a bug that would let you use color chits to make change while resting, even when you had active effort chits.
  • [1680] - When you are selecting spells, if you forget to enchant ANY chits, you will get a reminder now.
  • [1561] - When a leader rests, followers will get their rests IMMEDIATELY, so that they have a chance to rest (for example) a MOVE chit or two, so they can actually follow!
  • [1586] - Fixed a bug where watchful natives already on someone's sheet, wouldn't battle other attackers, allowing a second character to end combat early.
  • [790] - Fixed the handling of fatigue when using a treasure (or custom character) that allows three or more asterisks of fatigue.
  • [1711] - Fixed a missing fatigue step when charging someone with 2 asterisks that runs away, and combat is ended by the remaining combatants.