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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Version 0.59.1 Patch Released

A few necessary fixes, and a couple of bonus ones. Here's what's new:

  • [1206] - Fixed a game killing bug that only occurs if you play with development rules turned OFF
  • [1207] - The "Distribute" button was not working if none of the players had inventory, but did have gold. This is fixed.
  • [1072] - If you are blocked BEFORE your turn, you will not summon monsters anymore (as per the rules)
  • [1185] - When you aim to sell items to a native group, you will no longer be charged a TRADE action if you press cancel before proceeding.
  • [1090] - Boots are checked after ALL items are sold as a group, not individually anymore
  • [1118] - Abandoned treasures are no longer face up
  • [1208] - Characters killed by another character's attack spell transfer inventory correctly now
  • [1162] - When you are teleported by WISH, your hirelings will remain behind, as they should.

Patch Coming

At least one person has reported that there is a game killing bug in the last release. I'll get a patch up today, but in the meantime, please be entertained here.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Version 0.59 Released

A bunch more fixes, and a number of improvements. Here's what's new:

  • Character Builder
    • [1190] - Edit Symbol (no longer "Load Symbol") now has an option for disabling the icon invert code for when the icon appears on solid black. This is good for color icons.
    • [1183] - New File menu option to export character graphics alone
    • [1198] - Fixed a problem with monster immunity to "Flying Demon" - should have been "Winged Demon". The Pilgrim will also behave now.

  • Season/Weather Notifications
    • [1180] - Whenever the season or weather changes, you'll see a green notification bar appear on the map. It will vanish the first time you click on the map after its appearance.
    • [1200] - Clicking on the map season icon will bring up a window that shows ALL the detail. Hovering the mouse over the icon shows a quick summary of the weather details.

  • [1099] - A new button on the inventory panel called "Distribute" will appear in development games. Allows you to share all your goods across all characters in the clearing for purposes of earning development stages. Great for solo games.

  • Fixed a problem in the battle builder when you select the Witch as a character
  • [1179] - FLY chits can be fatigued now, when you are hit with Weather fatigue
  • [1189] - Flying companions can follow you when you FLY now.
  • [1187] - No more errors with Broomstick FLY chit
  • [1177] - END button works when the game finishes naturally
  • Clicking on EARNED cells in the victory panel table, shows the calculations now.
  • [1192] - Fixed a mouse error
  • [1191] - Split WIZARD optional abilities into two separate options in the setup dialog
  • [1193] - Phase chits and Boons can't be "dropped" anymore
  • [1194] - No longer allowed to trade Timeless Jewel when it is active. This should end the problem where RealmSpeak was allowing you to trade the TJ and continue with your turn.
  • [1203] - Can no longer rearrange or drop items when you are blocked.
  • [1202] - Curse and PoP, when cast by Imp/Demon, can be controlled with Magic Wand now, as well as any other die modifiers (ie., Lucky Charm)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Version 0.58 Released

Not a lot "new" in this release. Mostly some necessary bug-fixes to get RealmSpeak back in line since the addition of custom characters. I'm going to start adding unit tests where I can, to prevent some bugs from recurring (something I should have been doing all along), so hopefully that will make RealmSpeak more reliable going forward.

Here's what's new:

  • Character Builder Updates
    • [1171] - Added spiders to the monster immunity page, and companion page
    • [1170] - Choose between two classes (fighter and magicuser) for purposes of random selection in the chooser

  • [1157] - Fixed Map of Ruins treasure AGAIN - Added a unit test to this so it shouldn't break again
  • FLY chit bugs fixed:
    • [1151] - FLY chits available only when you achieve the correct level
    • [1154] - FLY chits are fatigued properly when running away
    • [1153] - FLY chits are properly included in the effort calculation now
    • [1169] - Running away with the flying carpet is working properly again now.

  • [1168] - Dwarf gets his 1 die roll in caves for HIRE and TRADE, as well as MEETING now
  • [1155] - Shielded Lantern is no longer restricted by the "Shield" Item Restriction custom ability
  • [1164] - DUCK and similar type chits are no longer included when determining how much your character can carry.
  • [1152] - When you try to activate a restricted item (per advantages), you'll now get a message telling you why you can't.
  • [1158] - Reset button works on luring page again.
  • [1160],[1165] - Problem with casting attack spells is fixed.
  • [1131] - Fixed a problem where interacting with your CACHE containing heavy items was testing your boots unnecessarily
  • [1149] - Fixed a problem that crashes RealmSpeak when you have a custom character in your "characters" folder, with a name that matches treasure locations (like "Statue")