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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Version Released

Added some more features that should aid online play, including a neat new feature to play a sound to remind players that it is their turn (suggested by a user named "storymachine" in the bug tracker).

Here's what's new:

  • [1706] - The focus is given to "Next" and "Done" when you are playing your turn, and "Next" in combat so you can just press the ENTER key to advance.
  • [1705] - RealmSpeak will now play a sound when you are playing online when:
    • It is the beginning of a new day
    • It is your turn during the day
    • It is your turn during combat
    • When you forget to press "Done" at the end of your turn

  • You can enable/disable sound, and adjust the volume, in the options menu

  • [1701] - Made the fatigue/wound call thread-safe, so that network play doesn't lead to the "mystery round" condition.
  • [1702] - Fixed a problem with the chat lines on the map view when a player's name was particularly long.
  • [1690] - "Play Color Chits" button in combat will be disabled now when you don't have any more color chits.
  • [1707] - Fixed a problem with choosing a character with an extra chit or two.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Version Released

Just a quick release to fix an expansion bug, and to make the chat interface a bit more visible. Here's what's new:

  • Count of "treasures left" in discoveries window and search dialog will now exclude "CANNOT MOVE" site cards that you have already discovered. This means other players may now see a different count for the same treasure site, depending on what they have already found.
  • [1094] - A list of ALL spells is available from the View menu now (only during a game)
  • Chat is now visible on the map. By default, 10 lines of chat will be visible on the map, but you can tweak this number under the options "map" submenu.

  • [1700] - Revealing a TWT in the Pond or Tomb is equivalent to revealing a large treasure now.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Version Released

This release addresses a couple of issues I had while playing the game online with my friend last weekend, and the tournament game a couple of weeks ago. Also, for no apparent reason, I added two new treasures.

Here's what's new:

  • Chat interface includes multiple colors now, which are automatically assigned (for now).
  • [1670] - Host can selectively kill one connection now.
  • New treasures:
    • Bone Hand - Cursed great treasure that can be activated to increase sharpness of any wielded weapon at the cost of one level of vulnerability.
    • Net - Subtract one from any CAPTURE roll (capturing travelers)

  • [1393] - Green combat hotspots now split when mounted natives are involved, to allow you to position natives together with their horse, or separately.
  • [1143] - Improvements to chit fairness calculations in character builder:
    • Account for MAGIC chit speed
    • Disadvantage for complete absence of MOVE/FIGHT chits
    • Disadvantage for chits that are locked to a position (like DUCK)
    • Advantage for chits that can be alerted to increase vulnerability
    • Advantage for FLY chits

  • Fixed a redraw issue with guilds and travelers when playing online
  • [1695] - Fixed a problem with empty error logs being generated every time you ran a battle simulation
  • [1542] - Added a couple places I missed when logging chit fatigue.
  • [1696] - Travelers that fight, will die now, instead of living on indefinitely.
  • Fixed a problem with indents in the detail log, when casting a group effect attack spell
  • [1683] - Added a new item to the map "right-click" menu to hide/show Site Cards (like Toadstool Circle)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Version Released

Did this release, so that I could play the expansion with a friend of mine. This version has a crude chat interface, which helps when you are playing with players that lack a TeamSpeak (or other audio) connection.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • Added version information to the combat simulator launcher, and the error logs.
  • [1669] - New chat interface (rough, but it works) - look for it in the character frame tabs (last tab)

  • Fixed a bug with hiring Bob (Traveler)
  • Fixed a bug with destroying the Cloaks
  • Fixed a bug in the character chooser that was throwing an exception when choosing a random character
  • [1693] - Fixed a problem with hiring natives with a hypnotized native (expansion)
  • [1671] - Fixed a problem when transferring characters around, that was leaving familiars, hirelings, etc. behind