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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Online Game Day 5 Begins

Sorry - fallen way behind in the updates.  Day 3 and 4 have completed, and Day 5 begins.  Here's the latest:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Online Game - Day 3

The previous evening ended mostly quietly:

The Witch-King and Swordsman conspired to kill off the remaining Rogues at the Inn, and the Pilgrim spent time at the Chapel wishing for HEALTH and STRENGTH.  The remaining characters ended combat.

On to day 3!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Online Game - Evening 2

Another day has come and gone in the realm:

The Swordsman continues to skulk around the Inn, looking for lost items carelessly left by past adventurers.  What's that glint in the corner...  a sword!  A smile spreads across his face as he absently plays with his well-waxed mustache.

The Berserker quickly and silently moves out of the Inn, an action not overlooked by the nimble archer who quickly follows his new employer.

The Sorceror haggles for a bit with the Rogues for a Horse that caught his eye earlier, but a sale was not forthcoming.  The Company tries to sway the Sorceror into looking at their acquired treasures, but after a quick glance, the Sorceror mumbles something, and storms out of the Inn.

The Witch continues to be drawn towards the Evil Valley, for a purpose only she comprehends.  Her eyes glass over as she communicates with her feline counterpart many tiles away.

The White Knight makes peace with all that is good, and moves into the Deep Woods.  A broken branch along the trail reveals a hidden path, and he thanks the good Lord for his luck.  Howls in the woods remind him to stay alert, for evil is near.

The unlikely trio of Magician, Woods Girl, and Dwarf venture into the mountains in the hopes of great riches, but find only bones.  The Woods Girl notes discarded scales, and warns of snakes... or worse.

The Amazon makes quick work of the tragedy at the Far Inn, rounding up a couple of horses, and some armor.  The Company looks on in disgust, and contemplates her strength against their own.

The Witch-King, returning from his short visit to the Cliff, moves as a ghost into the Inn, and begins to haunt the occupants while searching for treasure.

The Druid continues to move slowly and carefully into the Cliff region, having heard about the presence of not one, but TWO treasure laden pools!

The Captain rounds up his soldiers, and moves in a stealth pattern into the nearby Ruins.

The Pilgrim remains at the Chapel for another day, resting, and discussing religion with the Order.  He attempts to strike a bargain with the leader, but ends the evening with no sale.

The Wizard carefully moves into the Ruins, and wonders a bit why the local wildlife is so quiet.

Finally, the Black Knight leaves the Inn, and wanders from the Realm, never to be seen again.


If you are a player, it is time to move through your combats.  As the last evening of combats took a little over 2 weeks, I'm hoping we can make this move a little smoother.  It helps that a lot of players are on their own at this point.  If anyone is by themselves, and knows they will not be doing any activities in the evening, let me know, and I'll take care of it for you as soon as you come up, so you don't have to worry about it.  If you are in a clearing with another player, please contact those people now, and make a plan for when your turn comes up.  If you can't reach another player, let me know, and I'll try to organize it.

Ok, that should do it!  I believe Sorceror is first up!  :-)

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Online Game - Day 2

At LONG last, day 1 has come to a close, and the dawn of a new day has begun.

For the most part, the evening ended quietly.  The Witch-King and Druid collaborated to guarantee safe exit from the Flying Dragons that surprised them in the Cliff.  At the Inn, there was some stirring and a fiery blast lighting up some tables, but in the end, only a newly hired Rogue bit the dust.


As this was a VERY long first day, I'm going to establish some rules.  I believe BIRDSONG worked out just fine with people logging in, but I would ask that everyone uncheck their "Daily Combat" option if they aren't planning on casting spells or trading during the evening.  Likewise, "Daily Trades" should be off unless you have plans to trade.  That should at least eliminate the waiting for easily ended combats!

For the larger combats involving 2 or more characters, I'm going to institute a 2-day rule where each involved player must give me details for their behavior during combat, so that I can run it quickly, and get to the resolution quicker.  We can do a round at a time, or you can provide an action tree of how you want to proceed based on what occurs.  If everyone in combat agrees to be online at the same time, that's different, but you'll have to let me know that you are doing that.

Anyway, if you haven't all lost interest by now, on to day 2!!  Everyone is up for recording.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Online Game - Evening 1

Started a 16-character online game of RealmSpeak several weeks ago.  I was going to post updates via e-mail, but it makes more sense to post them here, on the blog.  That will enable me to post more frequently, without harassing everyone's e-mail accounts!  Here is the first real update I did via e-mail:


The first evening of the game is apon us:

The tension at the Bad Valley Inn (Otis' fine establishment of mead and meat) has eased somewhat, but clearly something is going down soon.  The Sorceror stands in a darkened corner with purple magic tickling his fingers watching as the fighters (Swordsman, Berserker, Black Knight) haggle with mercenaries.  The Company has arrived, oblivious to the activity in the Inn, and are discussing amongst themselves the strange noises being heard around he nearby Cliffs, and the appearance of the Witch-King and Druid headed in that direction.  The Witch (with the Dwarf in tow) head out in a different direction, with both the Magician and Woods Girl sneaking along behind.Across the Realm, the White Knight and Pilgrim spend the day at the Chapel praying and preparing.  An Amazon ventures into the Deep Woods, on rumors of an evil Shrine.  One Wizard uses his guiles to convince a mercenary to quest with him, while another wanders from the Guard towards the as yet unexplored ruins.  Finally, the Captain musters the soldiers, as only he can do.
(Hope I got everyone, and I apologize:  my story telling skills are a bit rusty!)

At this point, there are a number of "combats".  If you are in a clearing with other characters, when the battle comes to your turn, try to coordinate a time that you can all log in (if possible), to make the battle wrap up quickly.  If this isn't possible, and you need my assistance, just let me know.  With reasonable instructions, I should be able to push a combat through to completion.  Also, remember that there is a checkbox on your character sheet to disable daily combat, in case you don't need to see the combat sheet every evening.  This is especially true with non-magic users.  Turning this off may help the evening progress quickly.

Interesting game so far - looking forward to see what happens!  :-)