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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Version Released

NOTE: version is NOT compatible with savegames from any previous release. It will allow you to open an earlier savegame, but the behavior may be unpredictable. If you are currently playing a game, I suggest finishing the game before upgrading to the new version.

This release is mostly a fix to bugs related to the expansion, as well as a few adjustments to game play. If you are not playing the expansion, there really is no need to update. I will get back into fixing "regular game" bugs eventually, but I wanted to get the expansion "playable" before that.

There were several treasures which were causing the game to crash, or were behaving weirdly, and I think the last of those are fixed. Also, I added some new monsters to cover the X tiles, so those aren't going to be a walk in the park anymore.

The big thing in this release, is that the monster generators are working now. Blobs move and grow, undead shamble down paths, and giant wasps swarm. The rules for the generators have changed a bunch from the written expansion, so you'll probably want to check out the new ruleset. If you look at the "View" menu, you'll find a new entry called "Expansion Rules" which will be the home of all new rules that I put into the game. Right now there is only the single entry "Monster Generators" which you can use to read up on how these things work, and what you have to do to destroy them.

I've had at least one person comment that the F/N and gold prices for many of the new treasures were a bit high, and that's something I still need to fix. I'll probably get those tweaked for the next release.

Here's what's new:

  • Monster generators
    • Rules are available under "View|Expansion Rules|Monster Generators" menu
    • All monster generation and movement works
    • Killing Hive Queen destroys Hive
    • Killing Lich destroys Tomb
    • Flaming oil destroy Hive/Pond
    • Looting 2 Large Treasures destroys Pond/Tomb

  • Dragonmen and Murkers added to character builder for relationships

  • Only show the sidebar info for cards when they are face up (like author name or "Expansion 1")
  • [1583] - Fixed a bug that crashes the game when the Murkers are on the board, and a monster die of 4 comes up
  • [1583] - Fixed a bug where the HQ and Rank 1 Murkers are not prowling on a die roll of 4
  • [1582] - Fixed a problem where the Pirate's Map would crash the game at Midnight
  • [1577] - Fixed a bug with the Journal that caused the game to crash when activated
  • [1584] - Expanded the Woods Girl's special ability to include the Dark Forest and Grove
  • [1574] - All one-way paths are learned automatically when you enter, so you no longer have to search to leave. Also, spies on the "hidden" side will learn the location too.
  • Incantations Book should have been type IV not VI
  • Ice Storm correctly says "mountain only" instead of "cave only"
  • BLANK chits are now HAMLET chits, for a bit more realism, and to reduce confusion.