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Sunday, October 16, 2005

First draft of Hired Leaders

I actually have working Hired Leaders now! It was remarkably easy to incorporate into RealmSpeak, and though there's still a couple of minor issues to deal with, they are working nicely.

I don't think I'll get a release out this weekend, but it shouldn't be too long - maybe next weekend.


Anonymous said...


Sounds good. I am running into the limits of v0.15 a lot.

Lack of independant movement by the leaders you hire is a real drag.

Also, are you making a new frame every time you open one? It seems to really eat up memory and then spend a long time cleaning memory and swapping out/in. Any way to re-use the frames and just modify parts of them or overlay just the changes? It would make it run a lot faster and hang less too.

Also it seems to hang a lot when you go above 4 players on the same machine.

DewKid said...

RealmSpeak could definitely use some optimization! This is something I'd like to do eventually, but hasn't been a priority.

I've played with 4 players before (granted, v0.14), and I didn't have any real slowness difficulties. The only slowness I've encountered is the other players not pressing their "Next" button!

Yes, I am making a new frame every time - I'm rather surprised it is eating up memory. I properly dispose each frame, and Java is "supposed" to do the rest. That said, I know there is a problem there, as several people have reported running low on resources. I'm looking into fixing this in v0.16, so hopefully that will fix some of these issues.

DewKid said...

Turns out there was a combat frame being generated in an odd place, and not being disposed properly. This has been fixed in v0.16, so hopefully this will resolve the issue seen here.