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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Version 0.20.1 Released

A quick update to fix (primarily) a problem with attack spells. Seems my change to the logic for fame/notoriety of transmorphed monster heads/clubs broke the attack spell logic. Casting any attack spell with v0.20 will leave you with a frozen game. This version will fix that.

  • New Menu Item in the Help menu: Spur Game. If the game seems to freeze, try selecting this item to "spur the game" back into action

  • Fixed problem where attack spells were freezing game (a side effect of fixing the fame/notoriety bug of monster heads!).
  • Fixed issue where natives would "lose" the ability to lure denizens during combat.


Seymour said...

I had a really good game on Saturday, Robin. The only real problem I saw was your elf's Elvin Grace spell not reseting. Besides that I think the Berserker's inital movement problems might have been the result of the Magician (me)assigning my native to move with the Berserker! That and the Berserker getting his free rest before being blocked by the Giant. I think I mentioned these to you, but I'm just reminding you now. as it was, it was the perfect game with the initally useless Magician, the scarily ineffective Light Elf, the totally clueless Captain and the unintentionally devastating Berserker totally kicking ass in a rather harsh Realm! The Berserker dominated early in the game, killing a T. Dragon, a Hvy Dragon, Grom the T. Troll, and a T. Giant and only losing his hat! Taking no wounds and succumbing only due to inexperience with the game. (yes, try that with the fumble tables your first time out!)

Having a character with the Lucky Charm and the Crystal Ball was awesome beyond belief. Now, just implement the (Sp)ell capability of the Crystal ball and that would be a force to be truly reckoned with! Just wait for every 7th day and flip over a hex!! Its the Magician's dream setup. Well besides actually getting a source of color magic! But I think this thing really works well. I think if we continue to play we should attempt to hire lots of natives on horses and take out the Order. Say the Lancers, with serious magical backup burning some knights. Oh yeah, I'd pay to see that!

tnzzaj-a low level Syrian soporic.

I can't even think how powerful that would have been in the hands of the Sorceror or Wizard...Jeeeze.

DewKid said...

Actually, it was Sense Danger (not Elvin Grace), but I agree that was a problem!

I'm hoping to finish up the Crystal Ball and maybe even Dragonfang Necklace before our next game, so that could make for interesting realmin! I'm anxious to see what is beyond the Borderlands....

echpdf - A PDF of an Etch-a-Sketch drawing.

Scott said...

I've been playing a fair amount with the Pilgrim, solo - not the easiest in the world. Only one bug so far. "Wish for Peace" works correctly, but doesn't go away the next day. Once "Wish for Peace" is in place, it lingers at the Chapel as long as I am there, preventing casting or combat.

Scott Russell

DewKid said...

Thanks for posting that bug over at the bug tracker. As soon as I finish with the action interface (see today's post), I should be able to do some bug cleanup.