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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ugly Spell Bug

This bug is soooo ugly, it needs mention here!

When I optimized the combat portion of RealmSpeak, I opted to "reuse" the combat frame, rather than spawn a new one each time. Because of this, I need to reset some of the parameters each time it is reused. Unfortunately, I forgot to reset one of the parameters, and its causing some rather unpleasant game play.

When you cast a spell for the first time, you'll get a realistic set of spell options: spells to cast, chits to use, etc. Unfortunately, these same set of spell options come up each after that, for every magic user in the game! Yes, you keep seeing the same spell, and same chits each time. (sigh)

This problem has been fixed in v0.18, and is quite possibly the last major bug from my optimization work. I do apologize to those of you who have been encountering this problem, but this is the very nature of a program that is a "work in progress". I try very hard to get working versions out, but the last several releases have been a bit buggy. Hopefully v0.18 will be more stable, and enjoyable to play.

As a follow-up to my previous post, I did finish "Absorb Essence". I'm still juggling what to work on next, but my short list looks like this:
  • Enchant Artifact
  • Absorb Essence
  • Broomstick
  • Control Bats

No promises yet though!


Seymour said...

Hey dude, you have to do Absorb Essence! I'm gonna turn into Grom and go rampagin in the Chapel! Watch those knights fall before me!!! Wait a sec, those guys are nasty...

I'm gonna turn into Grom and go rampagin in the House!! I'll figure a reason to flip the House Counter! Cause everybody's dead! And Grom is still hungry...

dwlmsl-the lost art of toilet paper folding.

Jim Anderson said...

So, when do we get to try the new version?

I'd like to see the elf spells working.


DewKid said...

I've got Absorb Essence partially done - the Witch King can absorb Grom and he appears that way. (MMMRLGGMGMMLRRR) I still need to get the battle chits done and working, so he can eat his opponents, but that shouldn't be TOO hard (famous last words!)

New version release? You just never know! When it happens, you'll see a new post here, and a message to the RealmSpeak mailing list.

DewKid said...

By the way, which Elf spells are you hoping to see?

Troll said...

Well, I keep checking back for a new release that I keep hearing about.... :-)

Elf spells, well, the obvious answer would be "all".... but seriously, it looks like you have several done already because of the overlap with other characters so it wouldn't take much to get more of them online.

Peace with nature being big for the elf and druid.

Also elvin grace and sense danger and fairy lights, but these are just my guesses since I am such a newb at this game.

david o. said...

Well, since we're talking elf spells, I'll go public w/ my long-standing request (e.g. probably over half of the nag-mail in Robin's in box:


Although being able to take Witchy-poo and her familiar out for a spin would be a real kick :D