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Monday, November 07, 2005

Long Duration Spells Working

I finally got some time this evening to work up some longer duration spells: Day, Combat, and (drum roll please) Permanent spells. That is to say, the logic is in place. I've worked up a few spells, with many more to follow very soon. Here is what I got so far:
  • Witch's Brew
  • Fairie Lights
  • Elemental Spirit
  • See Hidden Signs
  • Sense Danger
  • Blend into Background

Sense Danger is the only Permanent spell so far, but it works correctly: it goes into effect during the evening, it goes inert at midnight, and reenergizes as soon as it is in the presence of Purple magic. I don't have the logic in for energizing an inert spell with a magic chit yet, but probably will before version 0.18 is released.

How many total spells yet to do? I counted 30 (damn this game has a lot of spells!), so I've still got my work cut out for me! Version 0.18 will definitely pack a punch!


MikeD said...

Since you're implementing spells, one feature that would be nice to have is to have a detailed spell description pop up when you click (or double click) on a spell. Similar thing can be done for items.
In addition, it would be good not to have to look up vulenrabilities of natives (prehaps using the new version of the tokens that someone came up with).
One nice thing about computers is that they can store and display a lot of information, so it would be nice if your program could minimize the need to look at the manual. This would be especially nice for newer players (like me).

DewKid said...

True enough, except I don't really feel like transcribing the manual into my data file. My real intention for RealmSpeak, is a player aid that people can use to play a game over the net.

Maybe someday!

David O. said...

I notice the infamous 'chit changing' spells are on the list.
RS is the perfect opportunity to put these to the test. Witchy-poo is pleased!

DewKid said...

Aye that! Now that they are working, I'm trying to figure out why you'd ever want to cast them! I'm guessing the only reason, is to aid your ability at learning new spells. Can't see that you'd ever have an opportunity to use them to cast a spell though... Well, maybe, but it would take a round or two!