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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


That's what I decided to call the critters that are controlled exclusively by a particular character. This includes the Witch's familiar, and the Day spell Phantasm. Both of these are finished, and will be included in v0.18. I even made some new icons for these two things, so this means a new resource pack will become available to go with it.

Side Note: I've never really used the familiar or phantasm in any live games. They were always such a pain to deal with, that I often neglected or forgot to use them, and they were wasted. In RealmSpeak, its a cinch to record actions for both, so I can see how these abilities are useful! I even played the Sorceror with multiple Phantasm spells. This is a cool way for the Sorceror to scout out territory!

I'm finishing up the spell "Unleash Power", and thinking about turning my attention towards "Absorb Essence", and "Broomstick". Yes, v0.18 is going to be a Witch's delight!


David O. said...


'controlled' critters-wouldn't this logic make "Persuade" feasible. It really opens up the gold magic-e.g. the Elf and Woods Girl.

DewKid said...

Actually, the code for Hired Leaders is what will make the Persuade spells feasible, since a controlled monster is very much like a Hired Leader. The "Minions" code is different, because these critters behave very differently (different actions, can't collect stuff, use same discovery chart, etc). Still, there's no excuse for not getting the Persuade spells in place very soon!

James Anderson said...

Sounds good to me, I look forward to breaking it, er, testing it. :-)


Tom W. said...

Just wanted to clarify, when you get to it, Robin, that there is a distinction between "hired" monsters and "controlled" monsters. "Hired" monsters, which are possible with "Persuade" and "Deal With Goblins," are treated like hired native underlings, and can only follow characters and leaders. "Controlled" monsters are possible with "Control Bats", "Guide Spider or Octopus," and the Dragonfang Necklace. These monsters act like Hired Leaders, and get their own turns to do activities. Thanks for all your hard work on this great program!

DewKid said...

I had forgotten about that distinction. Cool, that might actually make some of this task easier to implement... Thanks!