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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Version 0.17 Released

I put a lot of effort into this release to get all the little bugs surrounding natives and hired leaders resolved. I also did some optimization work, to resolve some issues with speed (see this entry).

Finally, I added a bunch of options to the Option Menu, and made these options persist from game to game. Yes, that means you won't have to tweak these anymore! Once you get them where you like, they should stay until you change them. This includes the location of your last load/save file (some of you, I know, will rejoice!)

I'm playing a game online tonight, so hopefully I'll hit any game killing bugs before you do. I've got my fingers crossed that v0.17 isn't a repeat of v0.16, where I seemed to break everything!!

Okay, here's what you are getting this time around:

  • Warning if you press send before recording all your phases (option can be turned off)
  • Menu options to set default "Daily Combat" setting for each new character
  • Menu options to turn warnings off (heavy inventory, incomplete phases)
  • Menu options and frame size are "remembered" from game to game
  • Last Save folder for RealmSpeak is "remembered" from game to game
  • Button in character chooser to select a random character

  • Several speed optimizations
  • Fixed bug where combat would sometimes "hang" when there were a lot of participants
  • Character curses are now reset after death
  • Magic chit effort is calculated correctly again (alerted AND non-alerted)
  • Character token on frame doesn't appear "green" anymore when loading a game where the character is hidden
  • Can unalert a weapon in combat (why? Example: Pilgrim with alerted mace speed 3, might want to use FIGHT M2 chit!)
  • Reading Runes on Book with all spells awakened, allows a choice of spell to learn
  • Stumble rolls now include the number of attackers
  • Change Tactics roll not done on boxes containing ONLY Tremendous monsters or native horses
  • Clarified INSULT and CHALLENGE result windows to identify the natives and character affected
  • Fixed problem where a monster with a weapon was being counted as TWO attackers, and thwarting automatic assignments
  • Fixed issue where monster and weapon/head were getting repositioned into the same box
  • Fixed issue where unhired natives could be placed in the same box with their horse
  • Hirelings following a hired leader are used in combat
  • If you run from combat with hirelings, the hirelings will finish the battle.
  • "Show Card" button is disabled on hired leader frames
  • Cancel illegal MOVEs without blocking character turn
  • Can FOLLOW a hired leader now
  • Hired Leaders can no longer drop their horses in the clearing!!
  • Shows interactive character when combat windows are displayed (guarantees correct character is shown when asked to buy drinks for natives)
  • Suicide and Transfer buttons are not enabled on on Hired Leaders
  • Tweaked the positioning stage a bit:
    • You position your own hirelings on any sheet
    • You position denizens only on your own sheets
    • For monster sheets, the monster's target gets to move denizens
    • You NEVER position hirelings that aren't your own

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