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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

RealmSpeak Optimization

I spent some time this weekend working to optimize RealmSpeak. The reason for this, is that some people had reported having problems with 5 or more characters. As a test, I set up a game with all 16 characters, and RealmSpeak slowed to a crawl. The first combat to appear, caused the whole game to crash. Bummer!

Since the whole point of RealmSpeak is to allow any number of players to join, I really needed to get this fixed. After playing around with some code profilers, I was finally able to locate some of the problem code. I'm happy to say, that RealmSpeak is flying at about 3-times the speed it used to, and this is good for everyone, even if you are only playing a couple characters!

During this stage of coding, I also located and removed a bug that would sometimes cause RealmSpeak to hang during combat. A number of you have reported this behavior, and though the autosave allows you to quit and restart where you left off, it wasn't a desirable thing to do. I can hardly wait to get v0.17 out (this weekend, for sure), and see how this works for everyone.

Oh, I retried the 16 character game... and it worked normally! Yes, it was a pain clicking endlessly through all the stages, but they are fast now, and combat doesn't hang. Wheee!!

Now maybe I can start knocking those bugs off the bug tracker!


Seymour said...

I won't be happy until I can play the Witch King at level 1 development, or "sinus infection".

lqvafrkq-the sound a frog makes in a blender.

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to this being done, all spells working, and the bugs worked out so we can get down to some serious gaming.

Troll -

DewKid said...

!! Not very demanding, are you!!


Seymour said...

I want it all.
I want it all.
I want it all, and I want it

Thank you! Thank you very much indeed!

I will now hum the intro to Flash Gordan!

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