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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Version 0.19 Released

Yes, another release in under a week. Why? Two reasons: a) I didn't want to do a v0.18.1 bug patch (but really needed to), and b) I wanted to release some new spells that were very close to being finished. As such, I feel there is enough new stuff here to warrant a new release number.

In any case, who cares about the numbers!! Here's what's new:

  • New Spells:
    • Control Bats
    • Guide Spider/Octopus

  • Action Panel is default to "shown" when switching frames during recording actions phase

  • Fixed alerted MAGIC chit bug (weren't getting speed zero during combat)
  • Fixed behavior of Familiar/Phantasm on the board: they no longer cause chits to flip
  • Transmorphed monsters don't fatigue when looting the CAIRNS
  • Added a button in the Combat Window for using color chits to energize inert spells (too many people confused about how to do this, so I made it really obvious... I hope!)
  • Fixed the behavior of turn ordering when the Familiar or Phantasm was in play
  • Fixed the "sense" of the spell target chooser - added a "Select All" button
  • Removed the extra image of the incantation chit on the combat sheet for attack spells
  • Fixed bug where battle would stop after respawining a dead character
  • Fixed bug where absorbing a Red-Side up monster would crash the game
  • Fixed bug where combat was not being reset after death

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