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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Version 0.18 Released

This is it! I'm calling it the Spellcaster's delight for several reasons:
  • Lots of new spells
  • Fixed all casting bugs from v0.17
  • Two words: Absorb Essence

I've really given this one a workover, and playtested it more than any previous release. I really wanted this one to be fully playable, unlike v0.17. I'm pretty confident everything is working this time, so give it your best shot!

Oh, important note: You're going to need to download a new resource pack (available in the usual place). Without this, RealmSpeak WILL complain (a new feature), and prevent the game from launching. Why a new resource pack? I added some images to support the Witch's Familiar, the Sorceror's Phantasm, and the future Transform and Melt-into-Mist spells. I'm not doing a patch this time, so you'll need to download the entire 4.5 Megs. If you are running on a modem, and really don't want to do the download, drop me an e-mail, and I'll see what I can do to get you the changed files in a smaller package.

Here's what's new:

  • RealmSpeak now checks for the images folder - if not found, it reports the problem, and exits.
  • When moving, you can opt to leave behind followers that haven't yet found hidden enemies
  • Support for Day/Combat/Permanent spells
  • New Spells:
    • Witch's Brew
    • Fairie Lights
    • Elemental Spirit
    • Unleash Power
    • Elvin Grace
    • Blend into Background
    • See Hidden Signs
    • Sense Danger
    • Absorb Essence
    • Dissolve Spell
    • Phantasm
    • Cancel portion of Remedy works
    • Exorcise now kills all spells in the clearing

  • The Witch's familiar is implemented
  • Replaced the "Give" button with a "Trade" button, for doing 2-way character trading (inventory and gold)

  • Fixed problem where doing a PEER ADJACENT CLEARING would use the destination clearing as a reference, rather than your current clearing
  • Better information in table for "Discover Chits" result on MAGIC SIGHT table
  • Fixed a new problem from v0.17 where spell casting options were not getting refreshed. (Hopefully the last bug fix from the so-called "optimization")
  • Fixed a bug where the Witch King was able to MOVE with L inventory
  • Fixed a problem with the GUI where the Deploy/Charge step was shown every time, regardless of need
  • Fixed a bug which would crash RealmSpeak when a character was respawned after being stripped of all his/her inventory, and no new inventory was available
  • Adjusted the length of the Woodfolk HQ Bow from 14 to 16, as per Richard Hamblen's comment on Nand's magic realm site
  • Fixed a problem where prowling monsters moving to a clearing where a character ended his/her turn were not being blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where underlings following a hired leader vanish after becoming unhired
  • Can no longer "peek" at native items during TRADE, and press cancel

Special Note - I gave Absorb Essence a LOT of my time, so its virtually perfect in every way. That said, there are going to be a few rules-issues I'm sure. For one thing, if you record a turn as a character, and stumble through some magic and transform, it will still let you play out your turn as the character. I realize this is wrong, but rather than work on the problem, I decided to let it slide this time. The spell is solid (its not going to crash your game!), and will do what you expect 95% of the time. Try it out and see what you think. I'll get the minor issues worked out in a future release.

Have fun!


gambulator said...

I know you mentioned this in an earlier post, but I'd like to confirm. Is it still the case that you can't play a color chit to energize an inert permanent spell (e.g. Absorb Essence)? I was playing the Witch and had absorbed the Lair dragon, but when confronted by a pack of goblins with the spell inert I couldn't play my enchanted MAGIC V6 chit to energize the spell and become the dragon, which meant my quick death. At least, I couldn't figure out a way to play it in the combat options.

DewKid said...

No, I did finish that part of the code. You CAN use color chits to energize a permanent spell, though the interface for it is a bit sloppy right now. In your character frame (not the combat frame), click on the chits TAB. There is a button for "Fatigue Color Chit". Select a color chit, and press that button, and you'll have the option to energize a permanent spell. Can you do this during combat? Yes! (I know this works, because I've played the Witch a lot in my test games. Believe me, its necessary to be able to fire up your absorbed monster in a hurry!!)

gambulator said...

Ahh, now I see. Thanks for the explanation of how to energize a permanent spell. This makes Absorb Essence much nastier. I can't wait to try this out. Thanks again, Robin, for all these extensive and rapid updates to the game!