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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Version 0.20 Released

I'm hoping to play some Magic Realm this weekend, and wanted to get the optional character abilities in place. These are done, along with the last of the character special abilities (Swordsman can "Choose his turn" now).

Also new in this release, is the ability to play RealmSpeak as a local application, instead of a host server. This should enable those of you that have had difficulties with your firewalls to play solitaire games without trouble.

Anyway, here's the official list of changes:

  • Swordsman's special ability to choose when he takes his turn is implemented. Note the new "Postpone Turn" button in the turn panel.
  • Character Optional Abilities (all optional, of course!):
    • Wizard ignores SPX; uses a MAGIC III2* instead of one MOVE M5 chit
    • Captain rolls one die for all HIRE rolls
    • Woodsgirl uses one die for all HIDE, SEARCH, and MEETING rolls in any Woods Clearing (not just tiles)
    • Magician's alerted MAGIC chits don't fatigue at Midnight (become active again)
    • Druid doesn't summon monsters from Site chits. Also, immune to curses.
    • Elf must choose between Light Elf, or Great Elf. Affects which chits can be played during the game.

  • Advanced Ambush rules (4.2)
  • Can now run RealmSpeak locally, without connecting to the network. Let's you avoid dealing with your firewall.

  • Added a delay to the server's initial connection: hoping this will kill the bug Dan F has been seeing when doing a network game.
  • Can no longer "Hang Out" between clearings. You MUST move to a clearing on your turn.
  • Fixed issue where killing a monster with a transformed monster head/club was not scoring any fame or notoriety.
  • Native group inventory hold radiates magic

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