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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Slow Progress?

There aren't very many changes to report, so you may wonder what the heck is going on. I've been spending a lot of time redesigning the action interface to allow for recording "anticipatory" type actions. For example, suppose you are the Magician, and you've absorbed a Flying Dragon. During BirdSong, you are planning on walking through a clearing with the Toadstool Circle, so that you can energize the spell, and fly to a neighboring tile. Right now, there is no way to do that.

I'm working on a system now where the action buttons will turn "red" instead of becoming disabled buttons. This will enable you to record actions that are currently invalid, but may change during the turn. It's slow going, because I built a lot of code around preventing you from recording actions when you cannot. I'm making progress, but it may be awhile before the next release.

On an entirely different note, Glenn Pruitt has agreed to let me use his "Alternate Monsters" in RealmSpeak. If you haven't seem them, go to Bryan's Magic Realm page:

and check out the downloads section (Thanks for putting that online, Bryan!). He's got monster chits and an alternative monster setup sheet to help you get started, if you want to use them with your own boardgame. Thanks Glenn!

Well, I've got a lot of coding to do, and a weekend that is quickly slipping away from me. Back to it!


David o. said...

anticipatory events: What about planning a move to an as of yet (un) enchanted tile?

Speaking of expansions, what about your own expansions, e.g. the tiles, etc.

Double board anyone?
Dan Evans' counters-should be a way to toggle XML sets.

And for the heck of it-*more spells*
Pandora's box has officially been opend :D

The good news: 0.20.1 is working as advertised

DewKid said...

That's exactly what I'm talking about. Anything you "might" do in your turn will be possible. You will have a LOT more freedoms in Birdsong.

Having my expansion in RealmSpeak has been my intent from day 1. It will be optional (of course), but it will be there. However, getting 2nd-edition magic realm together is my first priority.