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Friday, May 27, 2005

Version 0.7 Released

Lots of stuff in this release. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed Revised Optional Missile Table (no longer backwards!)
  • Dwarf House Rules implemented
  • Remembers last option configuration
  • Fixed problem with Game Options when pressing the ALL button
  • First version of FOLLOW activity implemented. These are the current flaws:
    • no option to stop following during the turn
    • no way to leave followers behind
    • Pony moves don't affect followers yet

  • Missile/Fumble rolls are shown in order of action
  • Missile/Fumble rolls appear in right hand panel instead of on combat sheets
  • Fixed bug with Replace FIGHT (Battle Bracelets) where it was evaluating the wrong group (attackers instead of targets)
  • Fixed bug when activating a new weapon when one is already alerted
  • Fixed bug where placing GLOVES on a sheet other than your own wouldn't show
  • Fixed bug where Block/Battle during trade wasn't causing the character to become unhidden
  • Added a feature to show contents of boxes on the combat sheet when the mouse pointer is over one
  • Changed monster-summoning logic so that each chit only summons once per day, as per rule 12.5/3
  • Fixed Swordsman BARTER advantage (wasn't using ONE die)
  • Fixed scoring when multiple characters kill the same monster simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug where multiple combat frames would open during multiplayer combat
  • Fixed bug where hitting destroyed armor still blocks attack
  • No longer does fumble rolls for Magic attacks or RED-side up monsters (meaningless!)

I'm finally getting the chance to play RealmSpeak tonight online with another player (first time since combat has been added). Should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Great release! Thank you! Realmspeak is shaping up very nicely! I noticed some behaviours that can lock the program up, or hinder play.

One would be resting a wounded double asterisk chit, while not having any single asterisk chits to make change (or being affected by the wither curse) locks the programm in an unresolvable situation.

There should be the option for canceling any recorded move and forfeiting it if it cannot be legally played.

A similiar situation arises when recorded moves cannot be completed because no sufficiently strong movement chit is available. I remember being able to forgo the move instead of being forced to abandon my belongings, but do not have the rules in front of me.

Either way, great work!

DewKid said...

I hadn't encountered the rest situation you described. At one point, I allowed the Rest dialog to be closed, as long as there is no change to be made. I may have to go back to that, so that at the very least, you can skip that action altogether.

Regarding the other situation, I didn't know that cancelling the move was an option, but it sounds reasonable. I look into that for the next release.


Anonymous said...

Here are some curious passages from the 2nd Edition that address canceling an activity.

6.5/1 He must do every recorded activity that he is able to. He cannot choose to cancel an activity he is able to do.

7.8 .... The character does not have the option to cancel a legal recorded move just because he is forced to abandon something. He must make the move and abandon the item.

10.3/3 He has the option to cancel the TRADE phase instead of using it, if he wishes.

31.2 .... Note: He can cancel the HIRE activity before rolling on the MEETING TABLE, if he wishes.


DewKid said...

Thanks Matt! I hadn't gotten a chance to look at the rules yet, but I thought there was something in there like that. I could always add it as an optional house rule, if someone really wanted it, but otherwise I'll leave it alone.