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Saturday, May 07, 2005

A White Knight Tale

As promised, some screenshots.

I played a game as the White Knight (very good choice for a solo character!) Wandering around, I happened across a Giant hunting for food in the Crag. Not to be swayed by its enormous size, I drew my weapon and charged into the clearing.

After luring the Giant to my sheet, I'm presented with the Encounter phase where I have the option to run. No way!

The next thing I'm presented with, is an Assign Targets page where I quickly designate the sole Giant as my target.

Once the target is chosen, I have the opportunity to place my attacks and maneuvers, and put the giant into any box I desire. After placing my attack and maneuver, and pressing the "Auto-position" hotspot, the sheet is ready for combat resolution.

Pressing the "Done" button is all I need to do to see the results of my battle. The Giant shifted down and right, directly into the line of fire (not that I needed it with an attack speed of 4!) Since the sword beats tooth and claw, and the Giant's club is too slow to undercut my maneuver, the beast goes down, and I score fame/notoriety. I still have to pay for my fast attack by fatiguing a chit, but its worth it.

Later, my cockiness gets the better of me, and I find myself trapped in a clearing with 3 Heavy Bats and a Demon. Two rounds is all it takes to crush the White Knight, and end my game for good.

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