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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Going Berserk!

No, not me! With the bug out of the way, my sanity has returned and I'm making big progress.

I finished writing support for the special chits: BERSERK and DUCK. I added the character's vulnerability to the display, so you can see this change when the Berserker does his thing.

Fatigues and wounds are finished, and dealing with two consecutive rounds without any hits is done. Hidden characters becoming unhidden when attacking works, and weapon alerting/unalerting during combat is finished.

What's left? STILL need to handle the encounter step (running away, alert, etc) I keep putting this off, because handling running away requires a new map state (between clearings) that I haven't dealt with before. I may punt on this (for now), and make it so that running away simply ends combat without the character leaving the clearing. Not sure yet.

The other major thing I need to do, is handle scoring for kills (notoriety and fame). This should be fairly easy.

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