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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Encounter Step Done

Yes, this part is FINALLY finished. As it turned out, running was the easy part, and even worked out to show the character between clearings with no trouble at all. The tough part came from (believe it or not) activating and inactivating items during combat! I made a couple of bad decisions early on in the design of the code for this, and it came back to bite me. After a bunch of refactoring (code geeks will understand this), this is finally working correctly.

I think I'm done with combat for now. I still need to do a test run with one of my friends to make sure its all there, but aside from bugs, I wont be building much more into it until I start working on the 3rd encounter.

Now its time to take a step back, and fix a couple of issues in the "Daytime" game that I've let stagnate while I was working on combat. Since I've been working on this code all day today, and tomorrow is mothers day, I don't see a release happening this weekend (sorry!). I'll try to get a couple of screenshots of combat up for you to take a peek at shortly.


Anonymous said...

Ah man, you're making me drool. Thanks to your incredible work on this I've started playing this game again (played Many hours of this in the early eighties). Im still amazed how much atmosphere this game can evoke for a 'mere' boardgame. It's ironic, but I own and buy a lot of computer games, but this is the game and site that Ive been checking on the most frequently. Thank you for your efforts and i'm anxiously awaiting v0.4!

DewKid said...

... and thank you for checking in! I know what you mean about "atmosphere": as this game comes together more, I can see myself playing it instead of (for example) Neverwinter Nights!

Thanks for being patient with 0.4. I want to release it, but I've still got a bunch of testing to finish. Once I'm satisfied it wont fail in the middle of a game for somebody, I'll put it online.

Thanks again for your interest.