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Monday, May 23, 2005

Lucky Amazon

I just finished a game with the Amazon. She survived the whole 28 days, having encountered T dragons, the Winged Demon, and many spiders. Here's one close combat where she nearly died. Love that fumble table! She actually managed to kill the other two dragons, scoring a whopping 35 points! At one point, she faced the Winged Demon, and rolled snake eyes for the kill!

Very good game that. I can go to bed with a smile on my face tonight.


Seymour said...

You forgot to mention you had the Penetrating Grease going on! Those little additions in combat make a huge difference!

Good job, dewd!

DewKid said...

Yeah I did forget that detail. I was looting the Hoard at the time, and kept finding all the potions. I got Penetrating Grease, Oil of Poison, Gripping Dust, and Vial of Healing! Sheesh, was the Dragon running an illegal potion shop?

In any case, having the penetrating grease was a definite boon to fighting a gaggle of armored dragons!

Seymour said...

So what character are you planning on playing tonite? I was thinking of the Black Knight. I've played him at work a couple times and he got waxed. But at least I know him alittle better now. Besides you don't need and Penetrating grease with a mace!