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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Freeze Fixed

I ended up having some time this evening to work on the code after all!

I decided to change the presentation of the combat window from a modal dialog, to a non-modal frame (means you can switch between combat and the main window). This appears to have solved the problem with the game freezing up on systems running Java 1.5, and makes the combat interface a bit less "demanding". Now you will be able to switch to the main window in the middle of combat if you want to check the map, or look over your character (you wont be able to freely adjust your inventory while combat is going on!). You will also be able to quit the game during combat, if you like, or start a new game altogether.

Which reminds me: I just finished writing the code necessary to save and load games. This should make playing a longer game (several months) more enjoyable, since it wouldn't have to be done in one sitting. I also fixed the Rest/Wither bug pointed out over on the Wiki.

I'm debating about putting some optional combat rules in now, because I can't stand the base rules! Too often I'm frustrated with not being able to take down a Tremendous monster simply because the base rules don't allow it! Let me roll some snake eyes already! Of course, I will make it so that you decide whether you want the optional rules - certainly wouldn't want to force them on anybody!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you regarding the optional combat rules versus the base rules. I would love to see the fumble/stumble tables implemented. In a table top game I played last night my poor old Wizard was blocked by the Octopus. I played his Move M5 to run away, rolled a (2,1) on the Stumble table, and made it. I love when stuff like that happens.

Let me again offer my congratulations on what you have accomplished. I am truly amazed to see a computer version of Magic Realm being created before my eyes.