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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Version 0.5 Released

Sorry for the closeness in release versions, but there were enough issues with version 0.4 to make it frustrating to enjoy. Fixed in this version:
  • Fixed gloves/boots cards in combat
  • Horses take hits before characters
  • Monsters are removed from combat sheets when combat ends due to inactivity
  • Typo on "Abandon Belongings" button fixed
  • Clearing Chooser centers properly now
  • Items are dropped in clearing on player death
  • Fixed Demon's attack/move on Red side
  • Mark armor with Red X when destroyed, rather than removing it right away
  • Fixed DUCK chit move speed (wasn't recognizing it as a move chit during combat resolution)
  • Armor treasures (Bejeweled Dwarf Vest, Golden Crown, Golden Arm Band) can be activated in addition to other armor

As always, thanks goes out to those people that gave me bug reports in a short amount of time. :-)

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