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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Launching RealmSpeak

There has been some confusion with the latest release (v0.5), and people are reporting difficulties launching the program. In v0.4, I changed the way you are supposed to launch the game due to memory issues. Java Geeks: Apparently, there is no way to make a MANIFEST in a jar file designate the memory configuration for the Java Virtual Machine!

Anyway, I added a batch file (run.bat) and a Unix script (run_osx.command) that should be double-clicked instead of the jar file itself. This allows me to specify the memory configuration for the launching program. In v0.5, I disabled the double-clickable jar file, so that players would be forced to use the batch/script file instead, guaranteeing a particular memory configuration.

Though I wrote these instructions in the readme.txt file that is included with the jar file, the tutorial still shows the old instructions (I'll change these soon...), and so I can see where people might be confused.

Sorry about that!

(Guess its time for me to learn Java Web Start...)

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