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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Visitor/Mission chits

I had someone e-mail me the other day, and ask when I was planning on getting the Visitor/Mission chits into RealmSpeak. I've long put it off, because it was going to take some effort to get implemented, and the chance of getting one of these is so darn small anyway.

Well, the question sparked an interest, and with the Treasure Setup card view in place, I thought I'd toy with getting this part working. The good news is, the chits were fairly easy to add to my components list, and get into the view. They can be placed by characters (or randomly, your choice), and they can be summoned to the board (and flip on a die roll of six on the 7th day) as they should.

I still need to give the chits their behavior (they are just decorative right now), and build a way for characters to pick these up. That shouldn't be too hard, but I'm not sure. At the very least, I'll finish the Visitors so we can at least trade with them.


David O. said...

Once the visitors 'behave' what major game components need to be done (other than completing the spells)?

Agree that visitors rarely come into play, but are very much a 'part of the real game'.

pawdrmg-A mage who uses the alchemist's mixture or turns into a dog at full moon :D

DewKid said...

I don't think there are any other components left... Just spells, and optional/advanced rules, for the most part.

Oh, and a bug or two! ;-)

Seymour said...

Don't forget weather!

pbbtt:what you say to someone who brings up weather at a Magic Realm site.

DewKid said...

Look you!!