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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fixing lots of "crash" bugs

I've been focusing on getting the bugs that cause the game to "crash" this week, because this really detracts from the fun side of RealmSpeak. Nothing more frustrating than to have your turn be trashed because of a crash!

I'm planning to do an official release Friday AM, so look for it!


Seymour said...

Actually, there are a few things more frustrating than crashing a game of Realmspeak. Like when you're on fire, and someone filled the extinguisher with kerosene and draino. That's frustrating!

qazzix-A quasit's closet.

DewKid said...

Playing the White Knight, and stumbling onto a nest of Giant Bats is pretty frustrating too! Stupid Bats!!

Seymour said...

The proper term is a "colony" of bats. So the White Knight stumbled onto a colony of Giant Bats and was stripped to the bone in less than 5 minutes.

I'm not sure if that is frustrating or just pathetic.

bbrfv-the last sound the White Knight makes as he is stripped to the bone in less than 5 minutes.