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Monday, February 20, 2006

Patch Version 0.25.1 Released

It was inevitable, I suppose, with having a game go so badly, that there would be a couple more issues to fix. Since I'm likely not going to be doing another release for a week or so, I thought it was worth getting this minor release done.

Not much new, but possibly worth it to avoid a hung combat:

  • Had to fix another game killing bug that I introduced in v0.24 (sigh)
  • Persuade now only kicks the caster's opponents off, not ALL of them (though they are ALL still persuaded)


Anonymous said...

RealmSpeak is AWSOME!!!!!! I didnt like magic realm that much until I played this a few times, its a much better way to learn.

Two problems I found with the program so far:

Kills are supposed to be done in order of attack time, and if a character is killed, its suppsed to cancel thier attack. I was the Black night killing a Gaurd, my attack was 3 (alerted mace) and his was 5. I didnt bother playing a manuver cause it was a garrenteed kill (3 undercut his move 4) and he killed my shield!

When there are no magic chits to enchant, and you try a spell phase to enchant a tile, it says nothign to enchant. like if all chits are they all already enchanted, i cant enchant the tile. I dont think this is what it is suppsed to be?

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

My mistake, first round of combat does order of length not speed. :(

DewKid said...

First, thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoy the software, and I really hope you take another run at the boardgame because of it.

Regarding your questions: you corrected yourself on the first, so that's good!

On your second: you can only enchant a tile when you have the correct color magic available, AND a properly matched magic chit. For example: you'd need GOLD magic (from anywhere) plus an unenchanted/uncommitted MAGIC III chit. If you lack this requirement, then you cannot enchant the tile. Since you say that you have no more chits to enchant, then that is the reason you are unable to do this.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I got to whip out the old rule book. My friends and I never got to accually playing 4th encounter, I'm still not sure exactly how combat works with hired natives.

DewKid said...

Native combat can be tricky! If everyone isn't on board on how it works, it can be impossible to plan a winning strategy!

I would recommend checking out the bug tracker database, if you haven't already. If you run into a problem playing RealmSpeak, chances are that someone has already reported it. If not, then adding a new report is the surest way to get it fixed, especially if I can reproduce it!