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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Last night's game didn't go very well. There's something broken in 0.24 that's preventing combat from completing normally. Sometimes combat goes round and round again with nothing occuring, and everyone keeps having to press the END button. Several times, the game crashed so completely that we had to start over.

I'm not sure if it only occurs in a multiplayer game or if the problem is more general. I played a couple of solo games before doing the release, and all seemed to be well, so I'm guessing it has something to do with being online.

I'm very frustrated, but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm convinced the code problem is minor, and should be fairly easy to change. I might get something up in the next couple of days to fix it.

If you haven't yet downloaded v0.24, you might want to wait. If you already downloaded it, go ahead and give it a try (I think the solo game is working). The good news is that the error logging portion is working right, so send me your error logs if you have them. If you'd rather not mess with it, go back to version 0.23 until I can get a more stable release together.

Sorry about that folks!

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DewKid said...

I found the bug that was causing the endless combats. It came as a result of me fixing a problem with the "Daily Combat" button in Hired Leader frames!! It only occurs when more than one character is in a clearing at once, with uncontrolled denizens. For each character in the clearing, there is that many nights of combat!! Ouch!

Anyway, I'm gunna work on it some more tomorrow morning, and make sure that everything else is working. If it looks good, I'll try and get a v0.24.1 online.