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Monday, February 06, 2006

Slow Work

I apologize if you have been keeping tabs on RealmSpeak recently, and have discovered not much has changed. I haven't spent much time with the code in the last few weeks, partly for being sick, and partly for being too danged busy. I also recently rediscovered a favorite old Microprose game of mine (Master of Magic) that I have been playing in my free time.

I have made some small progress: I added an error-reporting feature to RealmSpeak so that those of you reporting "crashes" or "freezes" should have something to send to me that will be more helpful to me for finding a bug.

I also fixed an issue with natives being unable to deploy to RED-side-up tremendous monsters, so that will be nice.

Other than that, nothing new to report. I'm hoping that life will settle down in the near future (or I tire of my Microprose game again), so I can get back to work on RealmSpeak. Lots to do!

Thanks for your patience.

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