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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Version 0.23 Released

I mainly wanted to get this version out to fix problems I created with monster gold bounty and ambush rules in the last couple of versions. There's also a few new spells, though admittedly, we're starting to get down to the "boring" spells. (I know I need to do Broomstick and Hurricane Winds, but those are going to be hard, and I want to fix some things before I do).

Here's what's new:

  • New Spells:
    • Blazing Light
    • Poison
    • Peace with Nature
    • Protection from Magic
    • Pentangle V

  • Bug introduced in 0.22 that wrongly rewarded each monster kill with a gold bounty is fixed
  • Fixed broken AMBUSH rule (broke it when I added the Alchemist's Mixture treasure)
  • Alchemist's Mixture treasure now correctly inactivates your active weapon (if any) when activated
  • Native Horses appear in Native Leader inventory again, and they can use them (but not trade/drop/inactivate)
  • Fixed problem with casting Absorb Essence while hidden
  • PERSUADE properly makes native groups FRIENDLY for the following day
  • Possible to end combat with persuaded monsters/natives in the clearing now
  • Possible to reenergize an INERT spell between clearings, or in the air.


Tony said...

Wow, I'm so thrilled that someon's doing an online utility for this game. It's a real classic. keep it up!

Seymour said...

Its not really a utility, its the entire game. Except weather. Don't ever do weather Robin. I mean it. Don't.

DewKid said...

Whether or not I do (pun intended), it will always be optional... :-)

Thanks Tony, I hope you give it a try!