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Monday, January 09, 2006

Version 0.22 Released

Yeah, definitely too soon after the last release, but I had a couple of bugs to fix, and decided to add some spells while I was at it. At least you don't need a new resource pack this time! Here's what's new:

  • New Spells
    • Persuade
    • Deal with Goblins

  • New wording in combat details:
    • Smarter wording when attackers do not place an attack (or cannot attack, like light-side spear goblins)
    • Includes all missle/fumble die rolls, and the corresponding result
    • Spell casting and targeting information
    • Extra wording for Power of the Pit, Curse, and Transform

  • Fixed weirdness when transforming your opponent (Demon as frog could still cast PoP, and turn RED-side up!)
  • Made marker chits on opponents a little bit smaller, so the opponent can be seen better (particularly frogs, squirrels and birds!)
  • Sunday Color Magic is now applied towards energizing permanent spells (watch out for Day 28, Sorceror!)
  • Switched the default of the checkbox in the spell selector to hide unfinished spells from OFF to ON (every spell type has spells now, so there is no real reason to pick spells from unfinished ones anyway!)
  • Fixed problem with the "Incomplete Record Warning" (ALWAYS reported incomplete with new BirdSong design)
  • Removed "Committed" chit indicator from chit panel (Committed chits are always shown on the spell itself)
  • Added a checkbox to the window that warns the player that an item is inactive and cannot be activated (like a Pony in the Caves) to stop warning you
  • Fixed the wording in the combat details
  • Transform or Mist doesn't inactivate inventory (just hides it temporarily)
  • Fixed Power of the Pit kill behavior when cast by character
    • killed participants are removed from battle, but still displayed on combat sheet (set aside)
    • Proper fame/notoriety/gold bounty is applied

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