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Monday, January 09, 2006

New version coming today

I finished up some work this weekend to fix a couple of bugs, and add a couple new spells (Persuade, Deal with Goblins), but ran out of time before I could get it online. I need to get it online before tonight, because I have a game planned with some friends, so if you haven't downloaded version 0.21 yet, you might want to wait. Actually, the resource pack wont change this time, so if you get that now, you'll only need to grab 0.22 when I put it up.


Seymour said...

So what's next Robin, weather rules? Hahaaaaaahaaaa!

DewKid said...

The only treasure currently not implemented, is the Eye of the Moon, which works with the Weather rules. I suppose someday, I'll add weather, and then have a reason to finish that treasure!!