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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last nights game

I played most of a game last night with a friend of mine, and we ran into some new problems:

  • The trade interface is crashing RealmSpeak (not sure if this is a general problem, or only related to the "hosted" game)
  • Killing monsters results in a gold bounty! (this one was actually kind of fun)
  • When new characters join in a hosted game, actions recorded by other characters are sometimes lost, or truncated

Damned frustrating, but with all the new stuff added recently, I'm not completely surprised. I know where the gold bug comes from: when I added Persuade and Deal with Goblins, I gave all the monsters a "wage" to be hired by. Unfortunately, my code currently uses the wage to determine bounty, and thinks you earn it when you kill a monster! This can be fixed easily enough, but I'm not going to be able to do another release until next weekend. If you can ignore the gold bounty, version 0.22 is a pretty nice build. Being able to hire a Giant or two is pretty cool.


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DewKid said...

I should mention that the game itself was pretty rough. I started off as the Witch King (starting with the Ghosts), and seymour was the Pilgrim (at the Chapel). The Witch-King moved into the High Pass where he immediately found the Hoard, and the Flying Dragon. Since I had the Absorb Essence spell, my path was obvious. I moved into the clearing, and brought a Giant into the fray! I absorbed the Flying Dragon, and was immediately killed by the Giant (single blow by the body, fumble roll increasing the H harm to T!!)

The Pilgrim moved into the Mountain tile, and discovered the Pool... and a Bat. Since he had successfully hired one of the Order, the bat was as good as dead.... or was it?! The bat succeeded in killing the hireling's horse, followed by the hireling, and then (after several rounds of wounding, and at least one attempt at running) the Pilgrim. Ouch!

I restarted as the Black Knight in the Inn, and tried trading with the Rogues. I got blocked immediately, and they attacked. Since I wasn't hidden, it was a quick death. !!!!

Finally, we both restarted at the Inn with the Dwarf (me) and the Magician. Since the Flying Dragon guarding the Hoard was now permanently gone, thanks to the Witch-King, we decided the Hoard was ours for the taking.

After hiring three rogues, and helping the Dwarf along the path, we moved to the High Pass tile. The Magician used a Purple magic day to enchant the tile, which provided endless Purple for his endlessly alerted Fiery Blast. This, the Rogues, and an alerted Dwarven Battle Axe was all we needed to keep the Giants at bay.

We ruthlessly looted the Hoard, but kept having to restart due to the bug in the trade interface (damn!) At one point, we had the Quick Boots, but could never get them back after restarting.

Moving on, we visited the Statue, where we killed a few snakes, but no Imp! The Dwarf found the Lucky Charm, and then proceeded to loot the rest of the Statue.

At this point, we decided to quit, primarily because the lack of an ability to trade items was getting to be a real problem. I figured I'd save the game, and play it again after I fix the problem. (sigh)

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted!