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Friday, February 17, 2006

Version 0.24 Released

Lots of neat new features and bug fixes in this release, definitely worth the download. One item in particular will make reporting bugs a bit easier: Error logging. When the game crashes for one reason or another, there will now be an error log generated in the same folder as the game is run from. If you e-mail this log to me, along with a short explanation about what was happening at the time, I should be able to locate the bug quickly, and get it fixed. I'm hoping this will lessen the "my game crashed" reports that I've had a tough time resolving.

Also new this time, is a view of the treasure setup card. This should make figuring out what the dangers are for a particular tile, without having to use external references.

I'll be playing this version online tonight, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Enough Jibba-Jabba, here's what's new:


  • Error Logging - If RealmSpeak "freezes" or "crashes", look for a file in your RealmSpeak directory called "RealmSpeakErrorxxxx.log. Send this to me, along with an explanation of what you were doing when it crashed (if you remember), and this should make fixing these types of bugs trivial.
  • Treasure Setup Card view (see "Setup Card" button on Character Frame)
  • Map is not revealed until host presses "Start Game" button - characters joining after the game is started MUST start at the Inn.
  • No longer need to hold the CTRL key down to make multiple selections in the trade window.
  • Moved trade/share button out of tabbed panes for easier access. Sharing discoveries is included in the trade window now, so you can GET discoveries, as well as GIVE them.
  • Better Victory Point handling:
    • Host determines VPs that are required per player per month
    • New characters don't specify VPs on the initial setup window
    • Characters must specify VPs by clicking a new button on the Character frame (highlighted in yellow)
    • Each new month requires each character to specify more VPs
    • Characters joining mid-month have reduced requirements, as specified by the rules

  • Natives can target RED-side up monsters on other sheets now.
  • Fixed problem where killing a transformed monster wasn't rewarding the player properly
  • Fixed a major bug that sometimes caused a player's action record to become truncated during online play
  • Changed the text description on Dragonfang Necklace to read "Control one dragon in PURPLE", so it is clear that it needs PURPLE magic
  • Fixed Dragonfang Necklace, so it can actually work now.
  • Peering a warning chit (Smoke W, Stink W) is no longer sufficient to cause the campfires to appear.
  • When making change for a 2-asterisk chit during the fatigue step, you MUST make change with the same type now
  • Flying Carpet no longer appears in INERT list when you haven't yet found it
  • Incomplete record warning no longer appears when you have extra actions after following
  • Fixed a bug where light-side-up archers would sometimes freeze combat
  • Fixed bug that was preventing proper use of Battle Bracelets on another combat sheet
  • Fixed bug that was causing combat to hang after a "I Wish I Were Elsewhere" result
  • Fixed problem with Timeless Jewel and Prophecy where running away left you with no options
  • Casting POISON no longer reveals unseen weapons
  • Fixed a bug where TERROR result in Power of the Pit table when cast by a Demon against a hireling was causing a game freeze
  • Fixed problem where "Daily Combat" checkbox wasn't working for hired leaders.
  • Fixed GUI update problem when trading inventory (inventory would vanish until the next update)
  • Discoveries are traded in the same interface as inventory, meaning you can GET as well as GIVE now
  • Moved Trade/Share buttons out of panels, and into the main frame for easier access.
  • Trade/Share recognizes if a player is playing a turn or not, and filters the list of characters accordingly
  • Fixed bug where "Transform" cast on a native attacker would crash the game
  • Fixed a combat bug, where deployment order was being ignored
  • Fixed a *RARE* situation where you could end up between clearings with an item too heavy to carry, and no color to energize a transform spell. Now it lets you move regardless of weight if you are stuck between clearings.
  • Fixed a bug where INERT permanent spells were deenergizing every night, which sometimes crashes combat

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