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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Remodeled Chits and New Monsters

A number of you have asked for an option in RealmSpeak to use the new remodeled counters that Dan Evans made available (from John Frenzel's original design). Currently, the chits are quite boring:

They work, and you can tell what they are, but they don't offer much else. I decided to get onto Dan Evans' website, and see what it would take to make the chits work better. Swiping the graphics directly from the files provided (Dan, I hope you are cool with that!), I first did a run keeping the chits the same, but with the colorings that Dan did:

These look pretty nice, and are a definite improvement over the ones I was using! I then wrote the code required to make the chits render all the same values, which is the real reason for attacking this task. The result is good:

RealmSpeak will now have an option in the options menu that will let you choose between Classic, Color, and Remodeled chits.

Another task I tackled this time, is working a monster expansion into the game. That's right, an expansion, and the first of its kind in RealmSpeak. This expansion is the Alternate Monster Set by Glenn Pruitt, originally available here. Glenn provides a bunch of new monsters, and a completely new monster setup arrangement! Take a peek at this snip from the monster setup card:

Haven't played with the new monsters in a real game yet, but everything else about them works: they summon, reset, and behave the way Glenn designed them. Thanks Glenn!

Probably wont be a release for another week or so. I really need to tackle some nasty bugs before putting it out. Until next time.


David O. said...

I see the latest resource pack is 1/6. Will we need an updated resource pack for the revised/expansion counters or is it all in the regular update?

Joaslf: I'm talkin' 'bout Jo Elfs!

DewKid said...

Yep, there will be a new resource pack for this one, because of all the new graphics. Hopefully that will be the last resource pack update for awhile!

Bill K. said...

Just a shout out for Robin:

I've been playing this for about eight months now and it is amazing! Great job! And I'm glad you are giving the option for the new counters. I much prefer them, and my homemade set uses them.

Two questions:

1. Games often generate error log files but seemed to have played just fine. Do you want all error log files submitted on the bug tracker, or just those that cause visible bugs?

2. Where should we submit suggestions or requests for features?

-Bill Koens

DewKid said...

Thanks Bill! To answer your questions:

1) I'd be interested to see a couple of these non-fatal error logs, just to see what they are. Generally, though, I really only use these logs when deducing the source of a crashed/frozen game.

2) The best place to ask for new features, is the same place you report bugs:

When you create a new report, there is a field titled "Severity" where you can select "Feature". This indicates to me that you are not reporting a bug, but rather recommending a feature. Since I'm forced to acknowledge new reports eventually, you'll see me response in the next several days (usually).

Of course, if Mantis makes you uneasy (there's no reason it should), feel free to drop me an e-mail: robin AT dewkid DOT com

(replace AT with @ and DOT with .)