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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Version 0.27 Released

Lots of bug fixes here, including some that have been on my TODO list for many months. Also, I fixed a prowling problem with Pruitt's monsters, so if you tried the expansion, and were confused about their behavior, it will work now.

Here's what's new:

  • Right-clicking on map brings up a pop-up menu to allow you to specify which chits are shown, and which are not

  • RandomAssignment phase doesn't cause luring to fail in proceeding rounds of combat
  • Dwarf (without the house rule) no longer does sun actions
  • Mists (Melt into Mist) can only Move, Hide, or Follow, as per the rules
  • Pruitt's Monsters prowl correctly (I had forgotten to specify the correct prowling monster die for these new monsters!)
  • Combat detail now correctly identifies when a horse is hit and/or killed
  • Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior when getting opportunity or trouble rolls on the meeting tables
  • Spells that don't target Character or Denizen, no longer cause the spellcaster to become unhidden (ie., REMEDY, DISSOLVE SPELL)
  • Hired Native Leaders no longer meet the requirement for summoning a visitor chit
  • Transformed characters use color images (when that option is active)
  • Items in inventory stay activated/inactivated when transformed (though frozen and unavailable)
  • You can FLY to the same tile now without getting the error "Target tile too far away."
  • Fixed a problem that was causing a slowdown when a player is between clearings
  • Fixed a problem when several characters are running from a clearing at once
  • Multiple simultaneous attacks no longer pass through armor and horses
  • Added some text to describe the damage or destruction of armor
  • Fixed problem where Encounter Stage was getting skipped when dissolving an Absorb Essence spell
  • Fixed issues surrounding Transmorphed characters and fatigued chits
    • Cannot rest chits while transformed
    • Are not affected by Flowers of Rest while transformed

  • Activate Potions are no longer dropped when you are killed (they go to the specified visitor)
  • Treasure cards (Bejeweled Dwarf Vest, Golden Crown, Golden Arm Band) will now properly increase a character's gold amount when destroyed during combat.
  • PEACE result from WISH table no longer ends combat immediately: you get the normal two rounds of combat to do actions

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