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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Version 0.2 Released

Lots of changes in this release, primarily focused on fixing things that were broken in the last release. Thanks again to all those of you that gave me bug lists, and corrected me where I was wrong! Here's what's new:
  • Java 1.5 bug that prevented spell selection is fixed - those of you that had trouble with this should be able to choose a spellcaster now.
  • Fixed logic to disallow actions in caves after using sunlight phases
  • Horses inactivate in caves (the move logic was already there so you couldn't take advantage of a horse in a cave, but now the act of inactivating the horse is there too)
  • More logic built into the inventory interface to prevent multiple weapons or similar armor types from being activated at once.
  • Updated the chit discovery logic a bit, to better handle chits that are face down
  • Fixed the handling of discovering a Site Card versus a Site Chit
  • Now supports spying on Hidden Enemies to discover paths/passages and treasure locations.
  • Treasure locations in the discovery panel show how many treasures are left.
  • Added a flag to all treasures that are not yet supported, so its obvious why a particular activated item might not be working. As I add code to support each treasure's behavior, I'll remove this flag. Note that if "UNFINISHED" appears on a treasure, it only means that its full behavior isn't in place. You might find that some aspects of the treasure works as expected. ALL treasures "work" as far as Notoriety, Fame, Gold, and Weight are concerned.
  • Marked all spells as "UNFINISHED" for now
  • All Chit Altering treasures are now supported, which includes the Belt of Strength, Draught of Speed, Garb of Speed
  • Fixed behavior of "Open" script to include Gloves, Boots and Horses when determining whether T strength is available
  • Updated the Trading interface: base prices are shown for all items; both sides of horses and weapons are available; can sell more than one item at a time.

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