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Friday, April 29, 2005

In Game Combat and Dead Characters

I finished incorporating my combat module into RealmSpeak, and its working pretty nicely. The game recognizes clearings with combat, and handles the necessary input (luring, positioning, melee). Tremendous monsters flip to red after a successful hit, and things like Giant Clubs and Dragon Heads work correctly. When a character is killed, the frame for that character is closed, and the entry in the list is marked as "Dead".

I played a game as the Magician, got slaughtered in the first day by a couple of trolls (playing a spellcaster without spells is not too bright!). I reentered the game as the White Knight, moved into the troll clearing, and killed them both (took a few wounds!)

Here's what's left to do before the next release:
  • Support the Encounter step (its there, but doesn't do anything yet).
  • Handle missile weapons properly (they don't roll on the table yet...)
  • Apply fatigue and wounds (they are recorded, just not applied yet)
  • Unalert weapons that hit, alert those that do not.
  • Add some better monster positioning logic. Right now you can:
    • Place them one at a time.
    • Auto-place them all (divides them evenly across all three boxes)

I think that's it. I also have a couple of in-game things to fix (particularly the two Map treasures), but that should be fairly easy.

UPDATE 4/30/2005
I just finished the missile roll logic, including support for characters that get a bonus. Wheeee! Now I'd better go mow the lawn before my wife strangles me... :-)

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