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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Treasures Supported

I finished the support needed to allow the Dragon Essence treasure to behave like a smoke chit, so that one is done now. I also finished the Shielded Lantern.

The only treasures that still need to be done, and aren't used exclusively for combat are:
  • Flowers of Rest
  • Timeless Jewel
  • Flying Carpet
  • Eye of the Moon
  • Dragonfang Necklace
  • Crystal Ball
  • Ancient Telescope

I've already started working on the last two, meaning that Enhanced Peer should be enabled in the next release. I should be able to finish the Flowers of Rest too. I don't see myself finishing the Dragonfang Necklace until I get the Hire logic in place, since they go hand-in-hand. The Eye of the Moon is going to wait until I start implementing optional rules, so that will likely be one of the last to be finished.

Just to be complete, here is the list of the unfinished "combat-only" treasures:
  • Alchemist's Mixture (potion)
  • Potion of Energy (potion)
  • Gripping Dust (potion)
  • Ointment of Bite (potion)
  • Reflecting Grease (potion)
  • Oil of Poison (potion)
  • Penetrating Grease (potion)
  • Ointment of Steel (potion)
  • Girtle of Energy
  • Elusive Cloak
  • Battle Bracelets
  • Bejeweled Dwarf Vest
  • Golden Crown
  • Golden Arm Band

I'm just noticing that most of those are potions! Once I start on the combat piece, these treasures will have meaning, and I'll be able to write code to support them.

After I finish the last several treasures in the first list (except maybe one), I'll do another release, and begin working on the combat portion of the game (finally).

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