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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Plugging in Combat

This weekend ended up being very busy, despite the fact nothing was planned for it. As such, I only had a few hours of coding time, and thus not much to show. Still, I can say that I have the framework of combat in place, which means RealmSpeak will go through the motions (Luring, Deployment, Positioning, etc) without actually doing anything. That may not sound like much, but its a very important hurdle to get over before combat becomes a reality.

One thing I came up with, is an option to play with or without combat in the initial game setup pane. I added this so that I could play a 1st encounter game without worrying about the new code. As it turns out, I think this is a nice feature to have in the game, and will probably remain long after I'm finished. I'm thinking the same will apply with 3rd (War) and 4th (Magic) encounter versions of RealmSpeak, so you can play with as much detail as you want. It might also be a nice way to introduce new players to the game, getting them familiar with one piece at a time, much like the 2nd edition ruleset intended.

In any event, I have a couple evenings this week to work on the game, so hopefully I can get the first "combat-ready" version together in the next couple of weeks (no promises!).

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