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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Version 0.3 Released

Decided to get a release out of the way now, so I can start getting the first combat pieces into the code. Besides, I don't think I'm going to have much time in the next several days. Here's what's new:
  • Dragon Essence is finished
  • Shielded Lantern is finished
  • Enhanced Peer works
  • Crystal Ball and Ancient Telescope are finished
  • Normal peering from mountain clearings is finished
  • Finished FLY mechanics (FLY available if you have the means)
  • Flying Carpet is finished
  • Support buying drinks during TRADE BUY actions
  • Fixed Dwarf Cave Knowledge
  • Fixed bug where curses were not removed at the chapel on the last game turn
  • Fixed bug where resting multiple times at the beginning of your turn ignored BLOCK rules
  • Fixed bug where moving into a mountain clearing on your first turn ignored BLOCK rules
  • Exclude gray circles on Mountain clearings when there is not enough move points
  • Flowers of Rest is finished
  • Fixed problem where chits were not staying in the appropriate clearings after character has left the tile.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thanks for putting the 0.3 release out. I was planning on playing some more games this weekend. Now I can take advantage of the new capabilities.

Good luck with the combat code.


Anonymous said...


Great release. Thanks! It's great following your excellent efforts with Realmspeak. Only found one bug / strange behaviour:

- Trade activity
Trading works fine and calculates gold correctly, but doesn't credit my character with the gold coin amount from selling but rather substitutes the number of items sold!

Selling 2 Items (value 5 and 10 G) doesn't credit the character with 15 gold, but rather with 2!

DewKid said...

Okay, I'm not having the same problem. I just loaded a game as the Captain, sold all my stuff to the Rogues (4 items, total of 25 gold), and I have a total of 35 gold, which is correct.

I also looked at the code, and it clearly does not use the number of items as the amount added to the player's gold.

Can you give me more details? (who you were playing, who you sold to, what you sold)? It's possible the base price on something is wrong...