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Friday, April 08, 2005

Finished Enhanced Peer Recording

The logic is finally done for handling the recording of enhanced peer actions, depending on whether you have the appropriate treasure activated. That means the Crystal Ball and Ancient Telescope are nearly done. Still need to handle the actual results of an enhanced Peer, which is really nothing more than an extension of the Peer table (same results, different clearing). I'd do it now, but I'm tired and need to go to bed.

One other thing though: I added support for doing the peer action into other clearings if you are in a Mountain clearing. These things should be in place for the next release (either this weekend or next, depending on time).


Petros said...

Seeing no other comments, I feel I've got to make one. I'm quite in awe of what you have achieved already with RealmSpeak - I hope at least that others are echoing that by private email. If not, they SHOULD be!

RealmSpeak is a great learning aid for the real game, and the closer you get to that Holy Grail of doing the complete game system the better it will get! Three cheers from here, and keep up the great work!

DewKid said...

Thanks petros, I appreciate the kind words!