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Monday, April 11, 2005

Some Wiki Items

I noticed this evening that somebody posted some RealmSpeak issues over at the Magic Realm Wiki (thanks Eric!). Thought I'd better address two of the items.

One is a recurring request: Support Buying Drinks during TRADE actions. Seems like many of you are generous when it comes to buying a round of drinks for your comrades! Either that, or you prefer to take advantage of those who are a bit under the influence. In any event, there is now an option to buy drinks, provided your gold is good (no ASHES curse), and you have enough for everyone.

The other item of concern, was the fact that the Dwarf is not getting any advantage from his vast Cave Knowledge, and is rolling two dice instead of one in Caves. This was a bug (actually a typo), and was easily remedied.

The Flying Carpet seems to work fully now, which means the Sorceror can zip around the map quite nicely if he is careful. Now to the Flowers of Rest...

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