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Monday, March 28, 2005

Java 1.5 Issues

With yesterday's release, comes the first round of bug reports! Though I appreciate all the information coming in, please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. Don't be too surprised to discover that your favorite treasure isn't implemented, or some things don't behave quite right yet.

The worst thing to come to light so far, is a bug that prevents the game from being played. It only happens if you are using Java 1.5.0 (the application is compiled under Java 1.4.2, and thus never tested under 1.5), and then only if you choose a spellcaster as your main character. The bug actually lies in Java itself, and thus requires a workaround. I have this fixed, but I want to finish a couple of other things before releasing a new version. If you find that the spell selection window doesn't work, then you have encountered this bug, and for that I apologize. I probably wont get anything new up until next weekend, assuming I get any time this week to work on it (I do have a day job, after all!)

I want to thank everyone who tried out the application, and gave me short reports on their experience. This really helps me out, as I can quickly pinpoint the issues that matter most.

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