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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Magic Sight, Game Finish logic, lots of cleanup

Lot's of stuff is getting finished up. I finally wrote the support logic for Magic Sight (yeah, I can play the Witch King now! sort of...), and it is working nicely. I added some code to handle the end game, and report a winner based on victory points. Of course, without combat in this version, your best bet is treasures, spells, and gold, but that works out okay!

I played a full month game just a moment ago, and it was sweet. The Captain ventured out, and immediately found the Hoard in the Caves. "That sucks" I thought, because of the lack of sunlight phases. The first item I found, was the lucky charm, which made looting very rewarding. The fifth (or so) item I looted from the Hoard, was the Magic Spectacles, so suddenly I was able to clear out that site rather quickly. I was VERY lucky with my hide rolls, and didn't get blocked by monsters for nearly the entire time I was looting. Just as I neared the end of the Hoard (and the Enchanted Meadow), I got teleported to "any cave clearing" on the map, and got the heck out of there. As the month was rapidly approaching an end, I found myself searching for a secret passage that just wouldn't appear, and got pounced on by a couple of giants. The game was over at that point, and the VPs were tallied (38! actually, that's only because I forgot to pull out the 1000 gps I gave myself at the beginning for debugging!) This application is going to ROCK once I can get combat implemented!

I'm preparing to do some long distance testing of the code over the weekend. My brother (in Oregon) and I (in California) will play a game or two over the internet using RealmSpeak. There's no reason to think it wont work, but it will be the first real chance I'll get to see what the transfer rate is like. On my local machines, it is lightning fast, so I'm hoping there wont be too much lag when it has to interact with my DSL line!

Once I clear this version with testing, I'll make it available (finally) for all of you to download. I'm hoping for a release on 3/28/2005, so look for it!

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