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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Version 1.04 Released

I meant to get this out last weekend, but there were some things I was working on that prevented that. In any event, here it is. The big thing in this release is a bug fix to Magic Sight, that was causing severe problems for the Witch King. It only happens when he tries to loot items in a clearing (like after cremating all the Rogues in the Inn), but since that's actually a fairly likely scenario, I thought I'd better get it fixed.

As promised, there are a couple new custom character abilities added to the character builder, straight from the advantages request page: Light Armor, and Extra Inventory. The first came from an original request to be able to construct custom armor for a character. This seemed a bit like overkill, since there really aren't that many options for armor. Instead, I went with an alternate suggestion, that there be an option for Light Armor. Now, in the character builder, you'll find that you can equip your custom character with one of the Light alternates:

The first pictured above, is the buckler (Light Shield), then the leather cuirass (Light Breastplate), and finally the leather cap (Light Helmet). If you don't like my crude drawings (can you tell I'm NOT an artist?), I'd be happy to replace them with something better. I'd ask however, that you don't just steal something off of google images: custom drawings only please!

These new armor tokens behave exactly like armor: they reduce sharpness, are damaged when hit with equal harm (Light), and destroyed when hit with more harm (Medium or greater). If the armor is hit with Medium or greater harm, the character takes a wound.

In my playtesting, I've found that this armor vanishes pretty quickly during any combat, but it can be a lifesaver. When the armor is destroyed, it goes to the same location as it's Medium counterpart: cap and buckler go to the House, and the cuirass goes to the Guard.

The other new custom character feature, is what I call "Extra Inventory". This allows you to select from many treasures (though not all) as a starting piece of inventory for a particular character. There's also a feature there to allow you to rename the treasure, to make it unique. Alternatively, you can select a horse, from any that are in the game (either for characters, or even natives!). Note that in either case, you are making a copy of that treasure or horse, so they are not lost from gameplay.

Oh, I added a new high quality version of the "Export HTML", so those of you that don't mind the bigger map size (4 MB instead of 1 MB!), can get a cleaner image.

Here's what's new:

Version 1.04 - Changes since 1.03
  • New Character Builder features:
    • Can use Light armor now (Cap, Cuirass, and Buckler)
    • New "Starting Inventory" advantage allows you to choose a horse or treasure (most treasures except TWT, books, artifacts) as a starting item of inventory.
    • Better handling of "unknown character version" problems
    • Armor chits now appear on the "View Gear" graphic

  • Can export a high quality version of the map in the html generator.
  • Added some more detail to the log for a player turn, including:
    • The clearing that the character started in, and the clearing they ended their turn in.
    • Which chits (if any) were turned face up at the end of their turn.

  • Fortified characters can no longer RUN from combat (I felt this was a necessary fix, to lessen the impact of this new custom character ability from 1.03). They can still run once the fortification is destroyed.
  • [1521] - Fixed a problem that crashes RealmSpeak when an rschar file with a mismatched icon file is found.
  • [1522] - Fixed a bug in MagicSight, related to looting the clearing.
  • [1525] - Fixed bug in the character builder that would allow you to create a malformed rschar file by changing the name of the character right before saving.
  • [1377] - With optional horse riding rules in place, you can target native horseback riders with Fiery Blast now.
  • [1524] - Fixed a bug with sudden death, that wasn't allowing the game to end properly when curses are healed at midnight.
This release is compatible with any 1.00+ version save game.

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