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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Version 1.05 Released

This is mostly a maintenance release to fix a couple of bugs, and to add some more detail to the log and html exporter. Sorry, no new character advantages in this release (didn't have any time to build any up), but I did fix a bug in the character builder tool that was making it impossible to have a companion with the same name as your character.

If you are upgrading from 1.04, you will see a warning about the version change, but it can be safely ignored.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • HTML Export enhancements
    • [1535] - Fixed a bug in the exporter that was putting the "clearing" hyperlinks in the wrong places.
    • Inactive inventory is visible for each player now. Treasures remain secret.
    • [1534] - The exported HTML for clearings no longer contains the NAME of face-down treasures in the Alternate-Text field.
    • [1533] - Treasure Card HTML has hyperlinks now, so you can see what is where (face down treasures and spells where appropriate, of course)

  • Detail log enhancements
    • [1536] - Trade information (what was up for sale) is shown in detail log.
    • [1539] - Change tactics information (new monster attack side) shown in log
    • [1539] - Monster numbers added to monsters in log
    • All actions (alerting, dropping, activating, etc) shown in log
    • Indented combat resolution for clarity
    • Each phase identified in log by a separator

  • [1538] - Transmorphed characters can do the CACHE activity.
  • [1537] - Target assignment during combat is randomized each round now.
  • [1541] - Non-simultaneous attacks on native horses will spillover to the rider now.
  • [1530] - Fixed a problem in the character builder that was creating corrupt character files anytime your character name is identical to a companion name.
This release is compatible with any 1.00+ version save game.

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